Casting doubt on mass production, an Englishman named William Morris advocated the importance of hand labor through “ARTS & CRAFTS MOVEMENT” back in the 19th century.
Inheriting Morris’s ethos, AAC specializes in leather goods and strives to integrate contemporary sensibility with time-honored craftsmanship.

Designers who share such sensibility. Artisans who excel in craftsmanship.

A group of people with solid experience in each of their specialties have gathered to pursue their common values.
Those unsung people take pride in their work, and they’ve teamed up to manufacture products which truly embody “ARTS AND CRAFTS” spirit in the modern age.
Each product comes with a branding iron mark, establishing hallmark and indicating pride.
Extra time and effort goes into handcrafted goods. The very reason why users develop attachment and take good care of the product for years.

Pursuing “FUNCTIONAL BEAUTY,” AAC strives to manufacture sophisticated, handcrafted products that never go out of style.