mellow people

With the “mellow people” project starting from SS2017,
we aim to spread our view of the world.
Setting “Trip Couture” as our theme, we will create “mellow” lineups
that we can wear comfortably in verious of situation.
The crescent that shines in soft light at midnight is very mysterious, and
the light is very mellow.
The light that makes us finish up the day with very calm and warm feeling,
and gives us hope for tomorrow.
The relaxing and comfortable garments that let us remind that feeling,
the moment, is “mellow people”.
Every single product is sticked to “Made in Japan”.
Each fabric made with verious of special dye technique
has its unique texture.
Highly sophisticated sewing technique by skillful artisans.
We will present high quality and comfortable “Trip Couture” that is only made in Japan.