FULLCOUNT was established in 1993 by Mikiharu Tsujita. Tsujita endeavoured to make a Japanese denim that would recreate, as accurately as possible, the quality and feeling of vintage American denim. By sourcing hand picked Zimbabwean cotton and modifying vintage Japanese shuttle looms FULLCOUNT was able to create a truly beautiful fabric and put Osaka, Japan at the forefront of selvedge denim manufacturing. For over 25 years FULLCOUNT have maintained the same environment’s for all manufacturing processes including spinning, dyeing, weaving, cutting, stitching and finishing resulting in garments that embody the authenticity and heritage of the brand. FULLCOUNT pattern’s have been managed entirely in-house with minor revisions being made as a commitment to staying at the forefront of Japanese denim culture and style. A solid relationship of trust among production staff is essential in order to have confidence in our quality. We put this same trust in our retailers world-wide.